Product Design

Relje International

I started teaching myself leatherworking in 2015, as somewhere to channel my passion for design. I had worked in graphic design and web design since graduating from art school, but I was tired of the primarily ‘capitalist’ motives inherent to the majority of the clients/projects I worked on. To create something beautiful and useful… dare I say, elegant – like a math equation. After a couple of years, refining my skills and sourcing premium leathers and hardware, I started Relje International in 2017.

I provide made to order leather bags & accessories designed to last a lifetime. Hand Crafted with a meticulous attention to detail using Premium Materials, backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. My goal is to make a durable product with a timeless beauty that never goes out of fashion. Perfectly tailored to you and your lifestyle. Passed down from generation to generation.

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