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I had this idea a long time ago, and only when my friend Joshua Warren prodded me along did I take steps to actually make the piece.

It’s 4’x4’… felt on felt stretched over a wooden frame made from reclaimed lumber.   I still need to finish it off with a clear acrylic case around it.  The intention is to put a reflective surface between the viewer and the piece… to make the viewer a part of it.  Which is a concept I borrowed from Marcel Duchamp‘s glass paintings.  This is the first of a set of multiples.  If I had the opportunity, and a wall large enough, I’d hang 9 in a grid… maybe even play with the colors.

Obviously, this is an homage to Joseph Beuys… the father of Conceptual Art.  But I like to think that it goes deeper than that.  Besides being a funny one liner… We’ll see when it’s on display in its finished state.

Josh and I made T-Shirts with this on it for a popup art store at the SF Moma as part of a show there last winter.  We sold all but one.  Going to try to make these available to purchase online soon.


Orpheus Lament
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