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Made from REAL TIGERS! I’ve recently started learning how to weld.  What better way to learn than to jump right in and start making things.  So I figured I’d start with something pretty small and easy to manage like a side table.  Welding the frame went relatively smoothly, with the exception of a couple of “oops” incidents.  Luckily, nothing that wasn’t correctable. Ian, of Limb Workshop, gave me the beautiful tiger wood to use, as he had been toting it around from shop location to shop location for about 6 years.  He was happy to see it put to good use, and I was happy to have some great wood for the tabletop.  I wound up laminating the top with a diagonal cut even though it was a lot more difficult to make.  Looking at the end result, I think it was worth the extra effort. For a finish, I went with a straight wood oil treatment rather than a stain and/or lacquer finish – to keep the natural look and feel of the wood.

This Crown Land was Made for You and Me
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