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Solo exhibition at thirtyninehotel, November 2005

As far as I’m concerned, this show was almost entirely about experimentation.  Some of the work showed promise, but overall, I think it was a bit lacking.  One piece that I was really happy with was the main image for this post.  The second image below…  “I’m Counting on You”.  30″x72″, mixed media on found pieces of wood.

In the end, the real success from this show was the fact that I stopped treating the wave designs as traditional design elements.  The patterns stopped being a strict repetition and started being something more.  In a sense, they stopped being waves and took on a destiny of their own.  Something that becomes more apparent in my later work, when these designs literally begin to take on a life of their own… specifically the “Divine Proportions” from my show in the Winter of 2009.

These aren’t the best images, but they give you an idea of the work.


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