In January of 2006, on First Friday, Joseph Pa’ahana and I painted an impromptu mural live… during the gallery walk.  Neither of us really know what we were going to do, so we just sort of started in on it and figured it out from there.   It was good fun, and I was pretty happy with the way it turned out, considering we only had about 4-5 hours to do it.  It was especially great for me, because it’s not all the time that you get to paint on such a large surface.  I do usually paint pretty large, but this was larger.

I wore a Tshirt, on which I wrote “simian” on the front, and “will paint for food” on the back.  Somewhere in the middle of it, as I climbed down from the ladder, someone handed me a box of chinese takeout.


I’m still looking for the final full length image of the finished piece, but I’ve got a few shots taken during the process…. courtesy of the late Sergio Goes.  It stayed up for a month, and Sergio recorded time lapse images of the wall being painted over.  I have to try to track this down as well.

Honolulu Weekly – December 2005
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